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Wednesday, 23 November 2022

Medical treatment of feline pyometra

  • The effectiveness of a modified aglepristone protocol was reported.
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feline piometraPyometra is a common uterine disease of dogs and cats, typical of the luteal phase. Traditionally, ovariohysterectomy was considered the elective treatment for pyometra, but in some cases, such as breeding subjects or patients with a high anesthesiologic risk, medical treatment is preferred. Aglepristone is a progesterone receptor blocker and its use proved to be effective for the medical treatment of pyometra in bitches and queens. The aim of this work was to report the effectiveness, in the feline species, of a modified aglepristone administration protocol. 

Five intact queens were referred to veterinary care centers for pyometra. Aglepristone (15 mg/kg) was administered at D0, D2, D5, and D8, as described by Contri and collaborators for dogs. An antibiotic treatment (marbofloxacin, 3 mg/kg) was associated, and uterine conditions were checked with regular ultrasonographic exams. 

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Written by
Michele Tumbarello Med Vet PhD student

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