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Monday, 23 January 2023

Histological Changes in Duodenal and Rectal Mucosal Biopsies in Horses with Recurrent Colic

  • Duodenal and rectal biopsies were taken from 77 horses showing recurrent colic symptoms
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isto coliche cavalloColic, a condition affecting the gastrointestinal tract of horses, manifests as severe pain and may be a life-threatening condition. It is possible to distinguish between an acute, disposable process, as well as recurrent colic symptoms (abdominal pain) caused by an ongoing chronic inflammatory process. This paper presents a retrospective analysis of the histopathological findings of duodenal and rectal samples taken from horses with recurrent colic, with the aim to determine the frequency and extent of inflammation.

The samples, i.e., duodenal biopsy (60 samples) and rectal biopsy (17 samples), were taken from 77 horses showing recurrent colic symptoms. Histopathological examination included staining with hematoxylin and eosin. The examination included evaluation of the superficial epithelium, mucosal lamina propria, and submucosa.

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Written by
Antonio Maria Tardo Med Vet PhD Student

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